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Imagine your customers reading something that they just can't put down. Imagine them getting excited - really excited - about doing business with you! Wordshop can make that happen. From creating web site copy to packaging start-ups to writing scripts for radio.  We are creative and persuasive with brochures, flyers, and other public relations and marketing materials and specialise in fine detail and fast turnaround. We do research, fact-checking, and copywriting, web content and all phases of editing, from light touchups to complete rewrites.

e-mail newsletters

You know you should be communicating with your customers more often but there are always more pressing issues to deal with, and besides, you’re not sure what you are going to say to them.

We will manage the entire process. We will interview you and your staff on a regular basis, do any research, get the material together and turn it into a compelling newsletter that will keep your customers informed of new products, special deals, staff changes, moves, new technology – whatever it is that your customers need to know about your organisation.


  • Increase sales

  • Increase awareness of your company

  • Cross selling opportunities to existing customers (“you have one of these, but have you tried this?”)

  • Your customer feels special

Don’t forget about your staff

Regular internal communication is as important as external communication. Do your employees know each other? Do they know what each department does and how everyone fits together? A regular internal newsletter can keep the company up to date on new developments and ensure that everyone is aligned to your corporate goals. The copy is written so that the content reads more like a magazine than a memo, providing fun and information at the same time. 

web site copy

Web site copy is an art form in itself.   Having your site highly ranked by search engines is a hugely important feature of web site copy.   We will help you to define the words that the search engines require and create copy which maximises their use while still maintaining flow and meaning for your human audience.


Breathe new life into the “who we are and what we do” literature.   Good copy is more than the sum of its parts.   It creates an overall impression which stays with the reader.
You tell us what the message is and we will ensure that it is communicated in a way that will make sense to your target market and leave them with a warm afterglow.

advertising copy

When space is limited, every word has to count.   Speak to us for ideas on perfectly crisp copy, designed to stand out from the crowd and speak with authority.